It’s more important than ever before that individuals and organisations reduce their carbon footprint. Here at IMI Critical Engineering, our 29 sites worldwide have been implementing initiatives to help protect the future of our planet.

Green sites  

Our IMI Remosa business is soon to move to a brand new, custom-built site in Sardinia, Italy. The facility will be equipped with solar panels on the roof to produce its own green energy. They will also be implementing an electrolyser system to power the factory from hydrogen and clean fuel. In the future, all IMI Critical Engineering sites will consider ways to reduce their environmental impact when being built. In fact, many of our factories are currently in the process of adding solar panels to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity.

The end of single-use plastic

Our IMI STI site, along with other facilities around the world, has banned the use of single-use plastic and paper cups. Employees have been issued with stainless steel water tumblers or alternatives to avoid the use of throwaway materials. Our sites in Asia and the Pacific similarly have a goal of achieving zero single-use plastics by the end of 2022.

Reducing our impact

Underpinning our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, many of our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management. We have also challenged our plants and offices across Europe to reduce energy consumption by 10%, with sites also aiming to reduce water usage and CO2 emissions by the same amount year on year. IMI Critical Engineering also has a dedicated working group focusing on our ESG work to develop and share best practices across the organisation. All progress on these goals is measured and then reported to our IMI plc Better World Team.

Encouraging new ideas

Our teams are also encouraged to share ideas to help us continue towards a greener future. Our new internal communication platform includes a “Better World” group where employees can brainstorm ideas to reduce our environmental impact.

All of these efforts are being undertaken to help achieve a greener, cleaner working environment for future generations and to help our facilities continually become more efficient. For more information about our future green initiatives, please visit the IMI plc webpage or follow our social media pages.