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Top-Gas Recovery Turbine (TRT)

Energy recovery system for blast furnace plants

Within the blast furnace process (integrated steel mills) an implementation of a Top-Gas Recovery Turbine plant provides a high potential economic and environmental solution to recover and gain power from existing energy. An expander turbine utilizes the pressure and thermal energy which is provided by the compressed “Top Gas” from a blast furnace. This gas expander is specially designed for all technical requirements to process the blast furnace gas. Highly resistant against dust particles and water drops the turbine blades and nozzles guarantee a very long lifetime (25 years and more). A Top-Gas Recovery Turbine has no negative effect on the blast furnace production, with the controllable nozzles at the Top-Gas Recovery Turbine giving an absolutely steady top pressure.

  • Low revolution of 1500/min (50Hz), 1800/ min (60Hz).
  • Low pressure differential over the stages.
  • Low dust deposit at the blades.
  • All internals coated including blades and nozzles.
  • Gas sealing device with low nitrogen consumption.
  • Bearings outside of gas chambers.
  • Double Flow Design compensates axial Ioads.
  • Fast and exact Top Gas Pressure control.
  • Long maintenance intervals.
  • Less energy Iosses (no gearbox is necessary between turbine and generator).

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Access a digital copy of the Top-Gas Recovery Turbine (TRT) brochure for more information.