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2D gas temperature measurement system

The measurement system t-matriX is based on the principle of sound pyrometry and measures the temperatures in large furnaces along individual paths. The sound pyrometry, also called acoustic gas temperature measurement, uses the effect of the temperature depending sound propagation in gaseous media. The process measures the duration of a sound signal between a sending and several receiving units.

  • 2-dimensional temperature profile of the acoustic measurement plane.
  • Diagnosis of the temperatures in the complete measurement plane.
  • Minimal use of process gas (nitrogen).
  • Exchange of data via various interfaces to the PLC.
  • Open data bank for archiving measurement data.
  • Error report by e-mail.
  • Animation of the temperature distribution over any periods of time.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Easy accessibility of all components.
  • Automatic hotspot identification, warning and archiving.

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