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SV Type Pressuriser Safety Globe Valve (PORV)

Pressuriser safety

Safety valve, actuated by the medium in the system, using pressurizing principle. Opening is possible, using either solenoid, spring-loaded pilot valve or motor operated pilot valves.

Used as a PORV – pressurizer safety valve.

  • Solid tungsten carbide plug, seat and disk stack eliminates erosion and galling and extends performance life for maximum productivity
  • Large flow passages to easily handle solids means continued reliable performance
  • Multi-step letdown to control velocity, erosion, noise, and vibration for minimum down time and safety
  • Increased rangeability due to a longer stroke means superior performance and control.
  • Dual scrapers prevent solids from entering sealing areas for reduced maintenance.
  • Venturi seat transition assures smooth flow into valve outlet and piping for problems downstream
  • Easy maintenance, quick-change trim means no trim parts are welded or screwed into the body
  • One choke body can handle changing wellhead conditions by swapping trim for less down time
  • Up to 6 stages of DRAG® velocity control (with total velocity control trim disk stack)
  • All trim seals are PTFE. PTFE is explosive decompression resistant


  • Size up to 6” (150 mm).
  • Class up to 1500.
  • Forged/ cast carbon or stainless steel.
  • Variety of different qualification programs for water and two-phase flows.
  • Light weight cast body
  • Class V shut-off
  • Graphite stem packing
  • Forged design
  • No trim in steam flow
  • Tapered profile to minimise flow induced vibration
  • Variable spray nozzle


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