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No-Bell Top Charging System

Modern bulk charging and burden distribution system

The new concept of the No-Bell Top® charger allows for better burden distribution in the blast furnace as well as a quick exchange of the chute system. The compactness of the No-Bell Top® System ensures an easy exchange of a double-bell system. With the flexible chute system of the No-Bell Top® it is possible to charge the burden and coke to any position in the blast furnace. It ensures that the coke is effectively directed and piled in the appropriate destination generating a better gas exploitation and lowers consumption of reducing agents. No-Bell Top® is also equipped with a quick changing device for the complete chute system.

  • Constant chute angle guarantees perfect distribution due to superior burden guidance.
  • No lifting and lowering of the chute; this reduces torque and load to the gear guidance.
  • Reduced wear due to low drop height of burden into the chute system.
  • Several charging models possible (ring,spiral, sector, point, etc.).
  • Fast relocation of the charging position.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Simple gearbox design with push rods.
  • Nitrogen-purged gearbox.
  • Gearbox protection due to complete water cooled and insulated shell.
  • Perfect gas seal.

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