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dBX Shield™

High rangeability rotary control valves

Control valves don’t have to be loud. IMI’s all-new dBX Shield™ valve is the safest, quietest midstream control valve on the market. With the industry’s highest rangeability and unprecedented flow control, it essentially eliminates downstream vibration and can reduce noise to just 60 decibels (dBA). Its state-of-the-art DRAG™ technology controls high fluid velocity—delivering lower risk, lower noise, and lower maintenance costs for decades to come.

No two applications are exactly the same. That is why we work with you to custom engineer each valve based on your unique operating conditions. Only IMI has the engineering experience to control fluid velocity and its resulting vibration. We can adapt the dBX Shield valve to meet your precise flow rate specifications, health and safety requirements, environmental regulations, and much more.

Our DRAG™ technology relies on a specific number of right-angle turns to create a tortuous path for high-pressure gases. The tortuous flow path divides the pressure reduction into many smaller streams, achieving the necessary pressure reduction while maintaining a reduced fluid velocity—preventing noise, vibration, and leakage.

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