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VSGIC Desuperheater

Integrated desuperheating solution for steam conditioning valves

The VSGIC is a spray water control valve designed for applications with permanent high water pressure drop in steam conditioning. It houses a single spring loaded spray water nozzle which can be installed in the outlet of a VLB or VLBP steam conditioning valve, or alternatively as a component in a DAM desuperheater.


  • Integrated water valve- A steam conditioning valve can be combined with the VSGIC, making any external spray water control valve superfluous.
  • High pressure drop- The VSGIC trim features a multistage cage that allows for a pressure drop between incoming and outgoing spraywater of up to 150 bar.
  • Spray nozzle- An OP spray nozzle is installed in the outlet of the VSGIC, and handles the injection of spray water into the steam. The nozzle features a spring which extends as the pressure in the nozzle holder increases. Water is rotated around the nozzle plug thanks to the special arrangement of the water channels. Stem and seat are designed to create maximum water velocity at the nozzle edge point, which improves water atomisation.

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