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VHB and VHBS Bypass Valves

For feedwater heaters

In thermal power generation the feedwater heater uses heat transfer from extraction steam to the feedwater pre-heating it, improving the overall plant efficiency. In case of a feedwater heater malfunction, it needs to be isolated using a bypass system to allow maintenance without disrupting the flow of feedwater to the boiler. This system consists of two on/off valves placed upstream and downstream from the feedwater heater, with two separate conduits connecting them. One conduit routes the feedwater through the heater, while the other bypasses it.

  • Bodies manufactured by fully machined forgings.
  • Two on/off valves.
  • Three-way valves.
  • Built-in water hydraulic actuation.
  • Upstream (VHB) and downstream (VHBS) options.

Product Specifications

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