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Three Lever Valves

Pure shut-off valve

IMI TH Jansen has over 60 years experience with over 8,000specialist valves installed worldwide. The Three Lever Valve is a pure shut-off valve for gaseous media, especially when used with high operating frequency. The main fields of application are where gaseous media have to be isolated and the valve is operated under quite low differential pressures (up to approximately 200 mbar)whereas the static pressure can be higher in the opened or closed position. It is used in the iron and steel industry, air separation units, gas-fired power plants, the chemical industry and other plants with similar shut-off requirements for gaseous media.

  • Internal shaft option (Type 440). The valve shaftis located inside the cross-section ofthe pipe. This effects a higher pressuredrop, but due to the short length of thelevers a relative low torque at the shaftis required. Due to the small free crosssectionon small nominal diameters notrecommended below DN 600 (24“).
  • External shaft option (Type 450). The valveshaft is located outside the crosssectionof the pipe. Due to the longlevers, the required torques increasesignificantly, whereas the pressure dropdecreases slightly. Nominal diametersfrom DN 200 (8”).
  • Actuation option 1 – Worm gear box with hand / chain wheel or electric actuator
  • Actuation option 2 – Hydraulic / Pneumatic actuators.Cylinders or rotary actuators, including safety function (spring or counterweight) if desired.
  • Actuation option 3 – Electro-hydraulic actuator. Independent actuation system, including safetyfunction by hydraulic accumulatorif requested.

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