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Springless Top Entry Ball Valves

Trunnion mounted ball valves

IMI Truflo Rona Top Entry Ball Valves are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent requirements in all critical applications for the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical industries, PTA (Purified Terephtalic Acid) plants, Liquified Natural Gas plants, LNG Carriers and LNG Terminals. Our Springless Top Entry Ball Valves feature the unique “Springless Wedge Design”.


  • Top entry allowing in-line maintenance.
  • Trunnion mounted design.
  • Wedge access design.
  • Bi-directional tight shut-off.
  • Bi-directional fire safe.
  • Self leveling seats.
  • Anti-blowout stem.
  • Wide range of sealing combinations.
  • Anti-static device.
  • Variety of end connections.

Product Specifications

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