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SmarTrak (ST-2)

Electronic controller for hydraulic positioning systems

The SmarTrak controller model ST-2 is used as a positioning system for proportionally-driven hydraulic actuators with up to two independent channels. Fast stroke and superior resolution allow the unit to be used with severe service hydraulic actuators which demand fast stroking and precise positioning. The SmarTrak system covers a wide range of actuator sizes and stroke length requirements. SmarTrak is able to manage two fully independent actuators (moving two different valves).

  • Compact design.
  • Integrated position transmitter.
  • Auto-tuning system for calibration
  • Auto-diagnosis system
  • Dedicated software interface to set, customize, control and monitor high dynamic performance.
  • Metallic case.
  • High reliability.
  • Powerful digital signal processor loop time of 1m/sec.
  • High performances without expensive closed-loop proportional valves.
  • PWM proportional solenoid valve driver with current feedback able to manage different types of valves (tested with Atos, Wandfluh, Bosch Rexroth.

Product Specifications

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