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Linear damper actuators

SC is a complete line of linear pneumatic actuators from IMI STI purposely designed and manufactured for the operation of flow control devices such as dampers, louvres, butterfly and ball valves. Thanks to their design, they are ideal for applications in power plants, refineries, pipe works and on board vessels. The range of products includes double acting units and are available in different sizes.

  • Option to assemble only one positioner independently of stroke.
  • Different materials available for any work environment.
  • Compact execution with air-lock device in one single component.
  • Suitable for power plants, refineries, pipe steel works and on board vessels.
  • Available in different sizes (63mm to 420mm).
  • High speed design also available.
  • Can be provided with gearbox for emergency manual operation.
  • Linkages for coupling to control device are customisable.
  • Corrosion resistant alloy for below 160mm.
  • Fabricated steel cylinder for 160mm and above.

Product Specifications

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