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Scotch yoke pneumatic actuators

The RTC single/double acting pneumatic low-pressure actuators, are suitable for the operation of quarter turn valves (ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves) for on-off and modulating heavy duty service. The actuator is made up of a waterproof scotch yoke mechanism transforming the linear movement of the pneumatic cylinder (on closing or opening) into the rotary movement, which is necessary for valve operation.

  • Double acting or spring return compact design.
  • Totally sealed weatherproof housing that provides complete protection for all moving parts.
  • Housing is manufactured in carbon steel material without any cast/grey/ductile iron or aluminium parts.
  • Scotch yoke mechanism available in both canted or symmetrical executions.
  • Chromium plated guide bar to absorb transversel forces.
  • Bushings are made of PTFE-filled steel bronze (other materials on application).
  • Electroless nickel plated cylinder to minimise friction and prevent corrosion.
  • Power module safety design allows replacement of the cylinder seals without any danger.
  • Multiple certified lifting lugs ideally located to balance center of gravity for safe lifting.
  • ISO 5211 flange connection.

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