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RHEFLA® Flat Plate Gate Valves

For demanding sealing in the chemical, petrochemical and iron & steel industries

The RHEFLA® flat plate gate valve is designed on the basis of the line blind principle. A plane-parallel gate plate slides between two preloaded sealing rings and, in the open position, guarantees no obstruction in the pipeline with no resistance to the flow of the medium. The RHEFLA® valve is used particularly for demanding sealing tasks and difficult media in the chemical, petrochemical and iron & steel industries.?.


  • Pressure ranges up to 100 bar (ANSI 600) (RHEFLA® II).
  • Temperature range up to 700 °C.
  • Any type of actuator available.
  • Any installation position possible.
  • Double-block-and-bleed design.
  • Sealing rings fully covered and protected in open and closed positions.
  • Special design and further options relating to design, materials, actuators and sealing systems on request.
  • The RHEFLA® II gate valve is the adaption of the RHEFLA® technology for higher pressure ranges, such as PN 40 -PN 100 (ANSI 400 – 600).
  • Single body design (fixed sockets) with wedge and pressure screw for the adjustment of the sealing pre-loading.
  • Self-tightening BREDTSCHNEIDER bonnet sealing for pressure ranges exceeding PN40 (causing a bonnet sealing force that increases. proportionally to the internal pressure).

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