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Re 34

Pressure control valve

After decades of continuous development, the IMI Bopp & Reuther pressure control valves in the Re 34 series are among the most robust valves in this area. They are known for their smooth control behaviour and their long life cycles, even under demanding conditions. With these valves, the inlet pressure is balanced by a proven and tested piston system, in which the seals can be quickly and easily replaced. The outlet pressure is largely independent of the flow rate and almost entirely independent of the inlet pressure. Thanks to their high continuous output, smaller sizes are frequently possible, which leads to cost savings in the pipeline network.?


  • Constant low pressure is maintained even in the event of high output and a small di‘erence between high and low pressure.
  • Main valve with throttle cone, counter pistons and spring loading.
  • The valve insert can be removed as a complete module.
  • Not much space is required for removal
  • All seals can be replaced without removing the housing from the pipe.
  • Control in the parallel connection pipe, consisting of: Venturi nozzle, control valve, low-pressure manometer with manometer valve.
  • Arrangement of the parallel connection pipe with the direction of flow to the right. (On request: left arrangement).

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