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Low pressure turbine bypass valve

The NBSE is a steam conditioning valve used for steam throttling and desuperheating through spray water injection, directly at the outlet. Used for start-ups and load rejection, they dump steam from reheat lines to condenser until the steam temperature matches the turbine blade temperature.

  • With the range of available body materials, the NBSE valve can be used for steam pressures and temperatures of today’s most advanced single and double reheat thermal power plants.

  • Specially designed for modern ultra supercritical power plants load ramping and trip case requirement.
  • Forged body design with flow-to-close flow pattern.
  • Available in pressure seal bonnet and bolted bonnet design.
  • Can be equipped with hydraulic, electromechanical or pneumatic actuator.
  • Seal welded seat with Integral first stage PR tube allowing for quick maintenance and replaceable features.
  • Spring loaded water injection nozzles.
  • Different plug designs available.

Product Specifications

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