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MV Type Solenoid Valve

Pilot valve

The solenoid operated pilot valve type MV is basically a 3/2 way valve (3 connection/2 position). However if plugging one (drain port) of the 3 available connections, it can be converted to a 2/2 way design.

  • Primarily used as pilot valve to the variety of main valves. Other possible applications as stand alone valve for small flows, such as taking of samples, etc.
  • There are two different pilot valve principles-NC = Normally Closed (de-energized closed by spring force)–NO = Normally Open (de-energized open; closed by solenoid force).

  • SizeL 0.2” / 5mm.
  • Class up to 2500.
  • Forged carbon or stainless steel.
  • The solenoid part is fully qualified to IEEE 323 and IEEE 344. Also according RCC-E.
  • Operates with: air, steam, water and acids.
  • Both applications with or without bellow seal are available.


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