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MS Series

Sanitation line: butterfly valve

  • Eccentric disc.
  • Seat sealing.
  • Upper and lower end shaft sealing.
  • Adjustable thrust bearing.

  • Body- Flange style body for installation between flanges according to ASME, AWWA, DIN and NBR Standard. Face to face dimensions according to AWWA C-504Standard.
  • Disc-Cast disc that minimises the effects of friction with the seat and increasing its service life, allowing flow in smaller degrees of opening providing low pressure drop and torque reduction.
  • Upper end shart sealing- Adjustable gaskets with grip system removes the need for dispense actuator withdrawal for adjustments.
  • Lower end shaft sealing- Lower end shaft sealing made through O-rings cam located on the shafts and the bearings.
  • Shaft to disc connection- Shaft to disc connection made through stainless steel ASTM A564 condition H1075 (17-4PH) taper pins with conicity of 1:50 with screws and pressure washers at one end to ensure a perfect mounting.
  • Bearings- Bearings made in bronze SAE 660 with self lubricant polymer and dimensions to support all requests.
  • Adjustable thrust bearing- Thrust bearing constructed to allow adjustment of the valve disc position without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline.
  • Seat sealing- Fixed to the body by a device that releases the use of counter flanges or other external part to the valve, it ensures sealing even when installed at the end of the pipeline.

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