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MGK Type Pilot

Pilot operated pilot valve

The MGK valve is a pilot operated pilot valve, primarily used for controlling of the variety of the main valves. It is used when higher flows are needed. It can be equipped with either MV or STV or both pilot valves, which are in that case connected in parallel, so that the activation of the MGK can be done using either one or the other.

Used as main steam isolation valve in BWR and PWR or main feed-water and bypass feed water isolation valves. It is characterised by the very robust and simple design. The MGK uses IMI CCIs IEEE positioning system.

  • Size: 1” / 25 mm and 2” / 50mm.
  • Class up to 2500.
  • Forged carbon or stainless steel.
  • The solenoid part is fully qualified to IEEE 323 and IEEE 344 and RCC-E.
  • Operates with: air, steam, water and acids.


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