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Venturi-style desuperheater

The MDAV-S desuperheater is designed for the attemperation of steam in small diameter pipelines. It features a single spray water nozzle installed into a flange, and allows – with high accuracy – control of the steam temperature down to 8ºC / 15ºF above saturation temperature.

The MDAV-S is mostly used in industrial and municipal power and district heating systems as well as in the process industry. It is used for temperature control of super heated steam. Its simple design and lack of moving parts makes it very reliable, and reduces the need for service. Spray water is controlled through an external spray water valve, and is then introduced to the superheated steam through a fixed nozzle installed in the steam flange. The venturi design, with the sharp edge against the flow, guarantees a high steam velocity at the point of water injection, which in turn improves evaporation of the spray water with a minimal risk of water impingement on the pipe wall.

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