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MC: Motion Converter

Actuation Accessories

The Motion Converter (model MC) is suitable for the easy installation of rotary positioners on linear actuators. The device is available with an adjustable and changeable coupling kit to connect with different positioners or accessories. The coupling kit is designed to avoid radial forces on the mounted accessories (such as positioners, position transmitters or limit switches mounted into a box). The conversion from linear actuator and valve stem movement to rotary movement is made with a lever mechanism designed to minimize the linearity error in a simple, robust construction in a small box. The motion converter removes the imprecise effect of a traditional system lever/pin arrangement. In a traditional feedback arrangement on vales with small stroke lengths, performance is lost due to the short linear stroke of the actuator/valve stem. This problem is removed when the MC device is used.

  • Suitable for standard, offshore, sandstorm and copper free ambient conditions.
  • Single and double acting actuators.
  • Low and high ambient temperature.
  • Suitable for linear actuators.

Product Specifications

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