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HPCU Compact

Compact design FCC hydraulic power control units

With more than 135 years of experience and application of the latest engineering technology and fabrication procedures, IMI Z&J guarantees unique, high-quality, specialised products.

  • Over the years, IMI Z&J engineers have been working closely with refiners, technology licensors and operators to develop the most robust and advanced technologies to lower the overall costs and investments of high temperature valves.
  • With the introduction of the new HPCU Compact, IMI Z&J serves as a true full package company. The compact footprint allows for simple installation in space restricted areas while its standard intelligent design allows for a low cost life cycle with outstanding reliability.

  • Lowest life cycle cost in the market.
  • Quick change manifold.
  • Digital system.
  • Fully stocked inventory components.
  • Compact footprint.

Product Specifications

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