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Spraywater isolation and control valves

The HAC valve and the EDS valve are the typical IMI CCI spraywater isolation and control valves respectively. The valves have been designed according to common requirements for valves withstanding 460bar / 350°C. The valves are designed mainly for supercritical plants, where the spraywater for the bypass is taken from the outlet of the feed pumps. The HAC valve is used in spraywater isolation applications where the shut-off pressure is very high such as high pressure bypass systems and other applications requiring tight isolation valves under rugged operations. The EDS valve is used in spraywater control applications. They are mainly used intermittently to cool steam in a bypass system.

The valves are available according to either EN or ASME codes. The EDS valves incorporate the DRAG® technology. The limited trim exit velocities of the DRAG® trim eliminates damage caused by erosion. The DRAG® technology also ensures an accurate control and reliable operation at all flow conditions. Both valves can be installed in any operating orientation, without restrictions.

  • Multi stage pressure drop trim.
  • Up to 460 bar.
  • Up to 350ºC.
  • Angle, globe & Z-type flow pattern.

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