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FasTrak Compact

Fail safe smart positioner for double or single acting actuators

The FasTrak Compact is a high-precision digital-pneumatic valve controller. It has a very good dynamic performance. Configuration and calibration is carried out with a HARTTM device or by self calibration. FTC is compatible with single and double acting actuators (with or without a spring), a piston or a diaphragm.

  • Control Algorithms & Hardware- Self calibration on double acting piston, diaphragm and rotary actuator with or without spring; patented adjustable independent control parameter to open and close stroke.
  • Environmental Protection- The IP65 protection and unique exhaust protection system makes it suitable to be installed in harsh environments where there is tropical rain, dust, sand, salt.
  • Embedded Features- 4-20 mA position feedback – Main parameters display.
  • Communications- – Local interface with display and push buttons – 4-20 mA control and power with HARTâ„¢ communication protocol – High speed serial connection – Diagnostic options – USB real-time connection.
  • Software Interface- Dedicated software (RCFTC) to set, customise, control and monitor high performance.
  • Certifications & Approvals- -CE EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE – Intrinsically safe (Ex ia) according to:.-ATEX (2014/34/EU) – IECEx

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