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EVO Vent Silencers

The EVO silencer is an engineered noise abatement solution for vent to atmosphere applications

Recognizing the critical service characteristics of many vent to atmosphere applications, the EVO vent silencer has been designed to address durability, safety and performance in an economic and robust solution.

  • Extra thick carbon steel shell: durable long life construction, prevents noise propagation through the shell.
  • Long strand fiberglass fill: resistant to blow out and damage from moisture, and high temperature.
  • Optional stainless steel baffles: corrosion resistant material ensures longer service life.
  • Multiple outlet connection options: site specific requirements for snow, sand or animal protection.
  • Flexible diffuser capacity: optimized to match upstream components.
  • Lifting bar: integrated lifting point for ease of installation.
  • Drain Connection: 1 inch NPT external body drain to prevent accumulation of rain water.

Product Specifications

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