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Spraywater control valve

Designed as a Z-body type valve, the E..-S’s anti-cavitation trim design forces the flow of spraywater through a three (optional four) stage cascade and an additional outlet cage. The multistage seat is a capsuled design, keeping the flow of spraywater away from the valve body. This successfully eliminates damage to the valve body caused by erosion and ensures a faultless operation over many years of operation.


  • Compact, robust design.
  • Clamped trim for easy maintenance.
  • Multi-step anti-cavitation trim.
  • Bottom access body design.
  • High rangeability.
  • Designed for conditions up to 320 bar at 340ºC.
  • Tight shut-off (EN12266-1 Class B, MSSSP61 or ANSI/FCI 70.2 Cl. V).
  • Wide installed base.

Product Specifications

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