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Anti-surge and compressor recycle valves

A complete solution from IMI Critical Engineering

The optimum solution for safety and reliability, IMI CCI’s compressor recycle and anti-surge valve combines premium DRAG® flow control technology with reliable fast stroking actuation. The result is a complete severe service valve solution designed to maximize the reliability, efficiency, and control of your compressor recycle system. With this solution, the DRAG® disk stack controls flow velocity to provide low noise and exceptional reliability. Flow energy and velocity is controlled to minimize wear and ensure reliable performance and longevity. Control is provided by IMI CCI’s fast acting pneumatic actuator which provides one second stroking times, fast and accurate control, and simple and reliable operation.

Enhancing your compression system through integrated components

When combined with our anti-surge valves, the IMI STI Positioner/Controller provides a fast, accurate response to the compressor control command, offering you optimal control over your entire compressor system. Our actuator responds quickly and accurately to ensure that when you need it, there is perfect flow through the valve.

Tailored to your system

Our fully integrated solution includes effective and reliable instrumentation and solenoids, all engineered to meet your specific needs and deliver excellent performance for your system. This solution has a dedicated diagnostic system for anti-surge applications and a packing degradation monitoring system.

Our complete solution

The complete anti-surge valves and compressor solution comprises:

DRAG® Control Valve

Our multi-stage, multi-path DRAG® design directs fluid through a highly resistant tortuous path to incrementally reduce the differential pressure. This limits the velocity head at the trim, which eliminates the risk of vibration, noise, and erosion.

QuickTrak™ Controller

Featuring the latest pneumatic digital valve control technology, our QuickTrak™ system is designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding applications. Perfectly integrated with the SC/V actuator, it provides fast and highly accurate valve control.

FasTrak Controller

Another exceptionally precise digital-pneumatic valve controller. FasTrak reacts to changing conditions within the valve – preventing issues and supporting predictive maintenance.

STI SC/V Actuator

Thanks to our special piston design, this actuator grants smooth and precise valve operation with little or no need for maintenance throughout its operating life. With the ability to manage high dynamic forces, the actuator is ideal for tough jobs like turbine bypass, desuperheaters, compressors and more.

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