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Delayed Coking Top Unheading

True double block and purge

IMI Z&J has been a reputable manufacturer of large diameter valves for more than 135 years, with thousands of double disc installations worldwide in severe refining and petrochemical applications such as Fluidised Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Ethylene and since 2004 Delayed Coking.

  • Two independent discs – limited thermal distortion, less steam and less erosion.
  • Two independent discs – true double block and Purge performance.
  • Active mechanical seating force for high tightness.
  • Corrosion & wear resistant hardfaced seats.
  • Guided carrier between two plates preventing coke fines in valve body.
  • No cooling water required.
  • Easy inspection of upper seat & disc.
  • Minimal spare parts.
  • 100% actuator redundancy.
  • Actuator options: Electric or Hydraulic.

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