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IMI CCI is the world leader in the design and application of severe service control valves for critical applications in Fossil Power, Nuclear Power, Oil and Gas. Liquifaction and Petrochemical industries. With each new operating season, the limits of interstage attemperators in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are being tested. As plants search for the most economical operation, be it cycling daily or operating at reduced loads for extended hours, reliability and operability of the superheat (SH) and reheat (RH) interstage attemperators consistently come into question. Whether it is a constantly leaking attemperator that must be repaired or replaced at every outage, or a more catastrophic failure like a boiler tube leak or a ruptured steam line, the headaches and frustrations associated with interstage attemperation are becoming all too familiar to plant managers, operators, and maintenance personnel.

  • Light weight cast body.
  • Class V shut-off.
  • Graphite stem packing.
  • Forged design.
  • No trim in steam flow.
  • Tapered profile to minimise flow induced vibration.
  • Variable spray nozzle.

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