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Control drive large enclosed actuator with auto engaged manual override

The CMV series pneumatic actuator system consists of an actuator and a manual override integrated into a steel housing which is also a portable structure. This rugged construction guarantees continuous operation in harsh environments, for example in power stations, steel industries, petrochemical plants, desert areas, etc. This actuator is able to control final elements like dampers or hydraulic converters with high power actuators. In this actuator, the housing provides a double function of protection and a bearing frame. The engaging of the manual control is made automatically or manually through a dedicated switch.

  • Actuator with manual override and lock.
  • Portable within reinforced steel housing for sturdy support for high forces.
  • Up to 4000 daNm.
  • -20degC to 70degC.
  • Lever has 70deg operating angle for convenient orientation.
  • Lever orientation variable on.
  • Splined shaft.
  • Typical operating pressure 7barg up to 10 bar.
  • Mechanical position indicator.
  • Large removal panels for ease of access and maintenance.

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