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CF: Fast Commutator

Actuation accessories

The Fast Commutator (CF) is designed to be combined with two 3-way valves providing a shared pilot conduit. This accessory is designed to operate with a pilot pressure greater than 2 bar while still maintaining a perfect seal on the seats of up to 8 bar. As the pilot fluid goes to work on moving a single membrane, switching speed is maximised.

This exclusive manifold mounting system is a specially designed STI application for connecting our accessories. Fittings or nipples are not necessary as the connection is achieved using machined connection faces with a sealing ‘o’ ring. This system saves assembly time, reduces cost on other items such as fittings, inventory and the reduced dimensions save space.

  • Suitable for: – Standard, offshore, sandstorm and copper-free ambient conditions. – Double acting actuators. – Low and high ambient temperature.
  • Designed to work with FT positioner only or in conjunction with BV/BW boosters (see dedicated brochures).
  • Optional integrated Piezo solenoid valve for fail freeze function.
  • SIL certified.
  • Constituted by two 3-way valves having the pilot conduit in common.
  • Up to 3 units can be mounted on the same positioner to achieve multiple functions: – Quick open – Quick close – Lock in place.

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