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Catalyst Withdrawal Valves

On/off and control valves for catalyst

Catalyst Withdrawal Valves are designed for severe applications, including high temperatures and high erosion service.

Two different designs are available. The control version has a replaceable orifice plate and guides. The shutoff version features a wedge design, with a disc having a leading edge and stem T-head designed to push the disc on to the seat in the closing position. This valve feature guarantees an excellent shut-off seal between the disc and the seat.

In both cases the valve body and disc are fabricated from plate, the stem is fabricated from a monolithic, forged piece. No cast material is used for this valve. Valve port area, stem and disc are hard-faced with Stellite™ #6 to prevent erosion due to the catalyst impingement on the valve/internal surfaces.

  • Completely customisable.
  • Suspended trim design (Control valve).
  • Replaceable trim and guides (Control valve).
  • Anti-erosion lining on disc (Control valve).
  • Disc wedge design (On/off)
  • Reduced footprint (On/off).
  • Stellite™ protected disc (On/off).
  • API 598 (On/off).

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