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Hydraulic actuator

The new IMI CCI actuator design, ASM-E, is the enhanced version of the well-known ASM actuator and can provide a complete upgrade.

Hydraulic actuators are used for operating steam and water valves with large actuating forces and/or fast and accurate control.

With the IMI CCI hydraulic actuation system combinations of control functions with additional safe open or close functions are easy to implement. With additional accumulators hydraulic energy can be stored for safe open or close functions.

  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • Single or double-rod.
  • Optional spring.
  • Various stroke lengths available.
  • Optional connections for control devices.
  • Open rack device mount option available.
  • Compatible with Linear Variable Differential Transformer position transmitter.
  • Optional oil drip pan.
  • Optional manual driven pump.

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