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High pressure (HP) bypass valves

The HP-Bypass Valve Type ARS is a steam conditioning valve. It is used for steam throttling with very high pressure drop combined with in-body desuperheating through spraywater injection.

Its prime area of application is high pressure bypass systems for fossil-fired power plants with subcritical as well as supercritical steam conditions. With the range of body materials available, the ARS valve can be applied for main steam pressures and temperatures of today’s most advanced thermal power plants. The valve is specially designed for the cyclic operation of bypass systems. Equipped with a hydraulic actuator and the necessary safety control devices the valve can be used as a combined HP-Bypass and superheater safety valve in accordance with EN4126-5 (TRD 421). The complete system has a type approval for this application.

  • Compact, robust design.
  • Bonnet and bolting on low pressure side.
  • Optimized body shape for minimal thermal stress.
  • Multi-function contoured cage eliminates thermal shocks.
  • Few components.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Wing type stem.
  • Tight shut-off (EN 12266-1 Cl. B or MSSSP61 or ANSI/FCI 70.2 Cl. V).
  • Wide installed base.
  • Integral desuperheating; water injection in area of highest turbulence ensures-Optimal mixing of steam and water-Very short necessary straight pipe length after the valve (approx. 1m).

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