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Turbine bypass valve and steam conditioning valve for small combined heat and power

IMI CCI Japan has over 40 years of experience to deliver integrated control valves and desuperheaters for turbine bypass and steam conditioning valves. In total, we have delivered more than 1,500 units of AB6000 series all over the world. AB6350 is a new design model of the AB6300 series for small Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications. The AB6350 is designed to perfectly match power plants like incineration power plants, biomass power plants, and other small co-generation power plants.


In order to achieve the most sophisticated design of integrated turbine bypass system, AB6350 has following key features.

  • Actuator – Multi-spring diaphragm, piston, electric and hydraulic.
  • Cage, trim and seat – Multi-hole cage. Balanced trim with graphite balance seal. Quick change seat with graphite seal.
  • Desuperheater – Steam atomizing.
  • Accessories – A full range of accessories are available to meet requirements.

Product Specifications

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