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830T Series

Three-way valve for general applications

The 830T Series three-way valve is designed for diverting or mixing in general service applications. In diverting applications it takes a common fluid stream and splits it into two outlet ports. For mixing applications it combines two fluid streams and discharges the mixed fluid to a common outlet port. By performing the function of two opposite acting standard two-way valves, the three-way valve is a more cost-effective control option for diverting or mixing applications. The 830T Series valve is available in sizes 1 inch to 10 inch and ASME 150 to 300.

  • High capacity- Large streamlined passages allow higher flow for optimised mixing and diverting.
  • Flexibility- The 830T series comes with a wide range of options to fit your application needs.
  • Stable operation- Multiple guiding along the cage and stem assures smooth plug travel for a stable operation.
  • Durability- The sturdy design with tight tolerances and multiple guides ensure a trouble-free service life.


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