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DRAG® choke optimised to provide extended life in challenging wellhead applications

Wellhead chokes face many challenges that can reduce life, increase maintenance costs, and create upsets in field operations. The 100DPC-S reduces the erosion rates seen early in the high pressure well life or after start-ups, and increases the time between maintenance intervals, giving long term reliable service. Through DRAG® technology and solid tungsten carbide trim, fluid and sand velocities are reduced, resulting in lower erosion rates and increased parts life. Available with either all DRAG® trim, or DRAG® & Cage trim, the 100DPC-S can be configured to meet the unique challenges of your production field.


  • Reliable pressure boundary protection.
  • Dual wiper rings protect the balance seal.
  • Increased gallery flow area to reduce velocity and eliminate body erosion.
  • Balanced trim design extends packing life, reduces actuator load, and improves control.
  • Solid tungsten carbide plug and disk stack provide the highest level of erosion protection.
  • Tungsten carbide outlet liner for additional protection of the valve outlet.
  • Controlled outlet expansion eliminates body erosion.

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