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Axial DRAG® production choke valve optimised for shale gas

Shale gas wells produce large volumes of sand during initial flow, which rapidly erodes conventional wellhead choke valves. The conventional choke valves fail any time from just one day to a few weeks, causing operators to replace the valves several times during the first year of critical operation. Adding to the severity, the new well completion methods are utilising longer laterals and require much larger volumes of sand, which is causing conventional choke valve designs to fail even faster.

The key to increasing the service life of production equipment is to reduce the velocity of the fluid and solid particles that create erosion. IMI CCI has developed a new DRAG® choke valve designed specifically for severe shale gas applications, the 100DAC. The 100DAC provides solid tungsten carbide valve trim and features multiple sixteen stage DRAG® flow paths arranged in a compact axial configuration. The tungsten carbide outlet liner is a proven approach to protecting the valve body, and the standard wing nut bonnet design is focused on making valve service fast and easy.

Axial DRAG® Stack with up to 16 stages – Multi-step let-down to control velocity and erosion. Multiple DRAG® flow paths arranged in compact axial configuration. Solid tungsten carbide for erosion resistance.

  • Solid tungsten carbide valve trim and outlet liner – Tungsten carbide protects the trim and body from sand erosion in high turbulence zones.
  • Higher capacity trim options – Quick change trim for higher capacity, lower resistance to maintain production as well pressures decay.
  • Wing nut or bolted bonnet design.

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