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HRSG steam generator erosion issues solved in the Americas

IMI CCI solved severe HRSG steam generator erosion issues at a combined cycle power plant in the Americas, using ring style desuperheaters.

Boiler feed water control valve replacement in Saudi Arabia

Learn how IMI CCI resolved erosion issues with a competitor’s boiler feed water control valve for a petrochemical complex in the Middle East.

Steam conditioning valve replacement in the Americas

IMI CCI provided a superior steam conditioning valve solution to a petrochemical company in the Americas, improving downstream processes.

Power plant erosion problem solved in India

A coal power plant in India solved its boiler feed pump recirculation valve leakage using IMI CCI’s DRAG® valves designed to prevent erosion.

Power plant trip issue solved in the Americas

Learn how IMI CCI solved repeated turbine trips for a CCPP operator in the Americas using innovative valve solutions.

Pump recirculation valve replacement at a paper mill

IMI CCI solved pump recirculation valve erosion for a pulp and paper mill in the Americas, resulting in significant annual savings.

Cavitation problems solved at oil rig in the Middle East

How we ensured long-term savings in operating & maintenance by adapting our solutions to cavitation and sand erosion problems at an oil rig.

Vibration control for oil production company in South America

How IMI CCI helped an oil production company in South America overcome their high vibration issues in their water injection control valves.


Retrofit3D has been developed to eliminate problems in control valves without the need to replace the entire valve.

Feedwater valve replacement at CHP plant in South America

DRAG® technology solves feedwater valve problems at combined cycle power plant in South America, reducing equipment & maintenance costs.