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Our valves & actuators improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of power systems with custom solutions & expert support.

Gas and Combined Cycle Power

Innovative technologies are enhancing efficiency and reducing emissions for coal-fired power plants amidst rising demand for cleaner energy

Midstream and LNG

Delivering high-quality solutions for all aspects of the midstream and LNG processes, optimising performance and reducing operational costs.

Oil and Gas

Our flow control solutions cover the oil and gas value chain, from upstream to midstream/ LNG processing and downstream distribution.

TwiNozzle: Performance improvement for desuperheater systems

Korean facility intensifies focus on 3D printing

Find out how the industry-changing DRAGĀ® technology was developed by the IMI CCI team to enhance valve efficiency worldwide.

Attemperator issues fixed at a power plant in the US

Our model DAM-B attemperator with OP-HT nozzles and DRAGĀ® control valves helped US gas-fired power station recover costs in less than a year.

The value of IMI Critical strategic supplier alliances

IMI Critical’s expertise & strategic supplier alliances helped a major oil & gas producer solve a critical valve challenge at an oil field.

Resolving erosion problems on water injection application in offshore platform

Steam temperature control solution for a chemical plant in India

Steam temperature control solution for a chemical plant in India led to improved process control, quality final product & reduced downtime.