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Self-Cleaning Technology Key to Addressing Control Valve Failure

Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate expensive control valve failure caused by erosion from processing debris laden products

New Additive Manufacturing Service set to Disrupt Flow control MRO Market

Find out how the use of an additive manufacturing service has the potential to revolutionise in-field control valve maintenance

IMI Insyt: Predictive Maintenance

IMI Insyt, can predict plant failures before they occur, allowing operators to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

IMI Critical engineers a breakthrough in flashing solutions

IMI Critical Engineering develops new EroSolve Flashing solutions to prevent severe erosion and expand valve life

EroSolve Metamorphic Trim

Find out how the new EroSolve Metamorphic Trim solves chronic valve issues like valve clogging, insufficient rangeability, gap flow issues and minimum controllable flow…

EroSolve Flashing

Find out how IMI Critical Engineering’s EroSolve Flashing solution could extend valve life and enhance operational safety.

PowerGen 2022

The breakthroughs and challenges of 2021 at IMI Critical Engineering

As the year draws to a close, we’ve looked back at the last twelve months to celebrate the achievements of our teams…

IMI Critical achieves SIL4 certification for HIPPS

When a major Kuwaiti plant operator chose to raise its Safety Integrity Level (SIL) from three to four, IMI CCI Italy had no hesitation…

Cheap replacement parts blamed for gas plant fire

An investigation into a massive fire at an Indian gas plant has found that the fire was caused by a replacement part bought from…