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Let’s cut carbon through collaboration

Are you trying to change the future? We are. At IMI Critical Engineering, through our IMI-X challenges, we are working on innovating and incubating carbontech technologies for a better world.

If you are a start-up developing technologies in this area, and you are looking for support, resources and input to accelerate your progress, then this opportunity could be for you.

Be part of the  IMI-X Carbontech Challenge and take a chance to change the future.

Carbon to valuable materials

We’re interested in how you focus on converting and/or utilising carbon to create valuable materials or products that will contribute to displacing fossil-fuel based high emission products or bringing down the cost of carbon removal.

Carbon to plastics

If your technology focuses on the conversion of carbon to advanced materials including plastics, we would like to hear from you.

What’s in it for you?

Depending on the project and its requirements, IMI Critical can share with the successful candidate its expertise in:

Engineering support and project management expertise
Supply chain access
Manufacturing capability
IMI brand credibility, backing, customer access, and commercial support
Potential IMI testing and development funding
Opportunity for ongoing collaboration with IMI

How it works

Use the email address below to apply for the Challenge.

We’ll need:

Your name and position in the company
Your company name
Your website address
Your Pitch Deck

Final date for Pitch Deck Submissions – 12th August

Your Pitch Deck should include the following information:

The problem you’re solving, the market you’re looking at and who you’re competing against
Details of your Minimum Viable Product, your Technology Readiness level and what differentiates your idea from others
Your Company and team, how you’re structured and financed
Why you want to collaborate with IMI

Your Pitch Deck will be assessed, and selected applicants will be invited to talk further with relevant teams within IMI Critical about their ideas and collaboration opportunities.

Successful applicants will then be chosen to work closely with IMI-X on a 3 month growth accelerator programme with an aim to develop your solution to its next stage, whatever that may be and as mutually agreed between both parties.

The successful outcome

The last IMI-X Challenge – the Electrification Challenge – saw some fabulous applications to the accelerator programme.  We’re already working with Echogen and Jungle AI.

Additional information

The pitch deck submitted will help us to evaluate the potential of a future business relationship or collaboration opportunity between you and IMI. IMI is committed to treat your confidential information with the same degree of care as IMI’s own confidential information. Therefore, unless the information you provide is or becomes part of the public domain, was already in IMI’s possession, was received by IMI from an unaffiliated third party or independently developed by IMI, IMI will not use or disclose your confidential information except to the extent that this is necessary for us to evaluate the potential of a future business relationship.

In order to facilitate the next stage of discussions we will provide the successful applicants with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and a draft agreement for future collaboration between you and IMI. Both agreements will be sent to you as a draft and we are happy to review and discuss those agreements with you.