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IMI CCI solves critical application problem in challenging environment

This project was undertaken for Kashagan, one of the world’s largest oil development fields in the Northern Caspian Sea

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HE actuator upgrade

IMI CCI secures first HE actuator upgrades in Central America

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Extended life trim upgrade reduces wet steam erosion

Power plant located in India was having problems with leakage and erosion in their turbine bypass lines

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Erosion issue solved on offshore platform

IMI CCI solves valve erosion problem on offshore platform

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DRAG® technology eliminates valve trim noise

IMI CCI provides low noise solution for air-cooled condenser

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Customer partnership supports increased oil and gas production

Customer partnership delivers upgrade to support increased production at oil and gas terminal in Caspian region

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Complete asset management solution at chemical plant

IMI CCI Americas wins complete asset management solution with North American chemical plant.

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Competitor replacement at FPSO

Competitor pump recycle valve at FPSO replaced by IMI CCI

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Competitor replacement at CCPP

Faulty competitor valves and attemperators replaced with IMI CCI’s DA-90DSV

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