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EroSolve on South Korean Chemical Plant
EroSolve trim fixes valve erosion from flashing at chemical plant

IMI Critical Engineering supply EroSolve trim to save valve suffering erosion from flashing at chemical plant

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Erosolve on South Korean CCPP
CCPP installs EroSolve trim to prevent erosion from flashing

A CCPP installed an IMI Critical Engineering EroSolve Trim to prevent flashing erosion at their plant

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Retrofit3D - Oil Pump
Saving valves for one of the world’s largest energy providers

Find out how IMI Critical Engineering saved valves for one of the world’s largest energy providers using Retrofit3D

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EroSolve Metamorphic Trim Petrochemical
EroSolve Metamorphic Trim Solves Chronic Control Valve Problem in the Petrochemical Market

EroSolve Metamorphic Trim helped a Petrochemical customer in South Korea that was suffering from chronic problems with slurry pump…

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IMI Critical - Power Plant
Preventing wet steam erosion at a Chinese power plant

A power plant in China turned to IMI Critical Engineering for help when facing wet steam erosion problems.

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CCPP plant
IMI Critical solves wet steam erosion at Korean CCPP

IMI Critical Engineering helped to solve wet steam erosion at CCPP in Korea using innovative EroSolve Wet Steam technology….

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How the Metamorphic Trim reduced OPEX for an Offshore Platform

Metamorphic Trim (MMT) reduces OPEX and improves water quality for Norweigian offshore platform.

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EroSolve MMT saves Oil & Gas producer from losing £2million a year

EroSolve MMT saves Oil & Gas producer in the UK North Sea from losing up to £2m annually with…

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Retrofit3D trim breathes new life into an undersized valve

A major offshore oil & gas facility, located 150km off the coast of Nigeria, was spending valuable time investigating…

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