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Hydrogen’s unique properties make it a powerful enabler for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and the decarbonisation of various enduses. The growth of hydrogen in the energy mix is being driven by the desire to cut the cost of renewable power, the diverse possibilities of fuel cell technology, and the immediate need to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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How we can help

Our control and isolation valve solutions cover the entire process from hydrogen production, transportation and storage to utilisation.

Applications include:

  • turn key hydrogen electrolyser solution
  • steam methane reforming (smr)
  • partial oxidation (pox)
  • auto-thermal reforming (atr)
  • pressure swing absorption (psa)
  • coal gasification, carbon capture, utilisation & storage (ccus)
  • propane de-hydrogenation (pdh)
  • hydrogen carrier hydrogenation & dehydrogenation
  • hydrogen liquefaction and liquid hydrogen carrier
  • gas purification
  • compressor anti-surge
  • safety relief, and more

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IMI VIVO Electrolyser

The IMI VIVO Electrolyser, which transforms water into hydrogen using renewable electricity – thus creating ‘green’ hydrogen. It is a ‘turnkey’ solution – a complete, packaged solution for producing green hydrogen that includes the electrolyser, fuel cell, and storage system.

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