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Fertiliser & Ammonia

Ammonia is a key component in fertilisers, which is why most ammonia plants are part of a fertiliser plant. Ammonia is also used as a coolant for refrigeration, in cleaning chemicals and as an intermediate for some petrochemical production. Ammonia production is a complex process that typically involves manufacturing hydrogen, before synthesising ammonia through the Haber process. IMI Critical provides the precision engineered valves required in ammonia production applications for regulator level control, compressor recycle, ammonia let down, steam conditioning and venting that provide precise control, while withstanding high pressure and high pressure delta, high fluid velocity, temperature extremes and corrosive materials.

Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient and nitrogen based fertilizers are the largest of the three types produced. The process starts by mixing nitrogen from the air with hydrogen from natural gas at high temperature and pressure to create ammonia. The ammonia is then used to produce nitrate fertilizers or mixed with carbon dioxide to create urea. For this reason, ammonia plants are typically built as part of the fertiliser plant.

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