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Ethylene is a key building block in many everyday goods from plastics, solvents and paints, to textiles, medicines and cosmetics. Ethylene production involves thermal cracking at very high temperatures and pressures, which breaks naphtha or ethane gas feedstocks into ethylene, propylene and other by-products.

IMI Critical is the leading supplier of specialist severe service valves for the entire ethylene production process. Furnace isolation valves, including Transfer Line Valves (TLV) and Decoking Valves (DV) are a key technology. For this specific application, our state of the art technology is the IMI Z&J Double Disc Through Conduit (DDTC) type gate valve design. IMI Critical is also a leading provider of control, bypass, anti-surge, steam control and isolation valves to the ethylene industry, with an installed base of some 2,000 valves in ethylene plants worldwide.

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