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Although defence spending is under pressure in developed nations, naval marine assets – submarines and surface ships – remain highly valued because of the flexibility they offer defense forces. Trends in new orders are towards local manufacturing, flexibility in the design of components so they can withstand both warm and cold water conditions, and increasingly sophisticated onboard technology including automation and AI.

The engineering capabilities and deep domain understanding born of over 50 years specialist design, has made IMI Truflo Marine a trusted partner to navies worldwide. We supply high performance valves for any system on board a submarine or surface ship, including weapons handling systems. Our valves have a high flow capability and quick shut off, vital to the functioning of critical systems on board. Key technologies include Hull Valves, Top Entry Ball Valves and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators.

Valves are custom designed to a customer’s specific requirements, extensively tested in house and certified to relevant industry standards and codes.

Let IMI Critical find the right solution for your application