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While demand for cleaner and renewable energy is growing rapidly, coal-fired plants will remain a vital component of the energy mix for decades while the capacity for cleaner and renewable energy is built.

The operating environment for coal-fired power plants remains as challenging as ever, with operators needing to safeguard and precisely control the operating conditions in steam and water systems inside the plants. As a partner to the coal-fired power industry for over 100 years, IMI CCI and IMI Bopp & Reuther has a range of technologies for both new and established plants.

In fast-growing energy markets such as China and India, new ultra-critical coal-fired plants are still being built, and these can benefit from technologies such as IMI Critical’s new consolidated high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) turbine bypass valves. These incorporate all the best design features from across our existing valves across into one platform.

Meanwhile, operators of existing plants are focusing on upgrades to improve their efficiency and reduce emissions. For these operators, we can provide the highest quality safety, shut off and control valves, as well as a complete systems solution.

Let IMI Critical find the right solution for your application