IMI Remosa has unveiled a new 16,000m2 factory in Sardinia as part of its ongoing mission to bolster its manufacturing capabilities and accelerate the transition to greener industrial energy sources.

The new facility, which is one-third larger than its predecessor, was officially opened on 18 October at an event attended by IMI CEO Roy Twite and Jackie Hu, Managing Director of IMI Critical Engineering (IMI Critical).

IMI Remosa opens new factory

From left to right, Giuseppe Buscemi – IMI Critical Engineering, President – Europe, Lord Smith of Kelvin – IMI Chairman, Roy Twite – IMI CEO, Jackie Hu – IMI Critical Engineering, Managing Director

The 45,000m2 site, which employs over 200 people, will manufacture valves and hydraulic actuating systems for critical applications in petrochemical industries, alongside new green energy products, such as its new IMI VIVO Electrolyser. It is a fundamental element of IMI Critical’s strategy to enhance its core manufacturing capability and improve accessibility to sustainable solutions for industry.

“The opening of this new factory marks a significant step in our journey to transform the business of IMI Critical Engineering as we move into more sustainable markets,” says Mr. Hu. “We have long been a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke valves and actuators for critical applications, and we are using this expertise to help our customers to navigate their own energy transition journey.

“This purpose-built facility will allow us to do so while also minimising our own environmental footprint, in line with our commitment to providing breakthrough engineering for a better world. The factory has been designed to be as efficient as possible, from its use of renewable energy sources to its very layout, which is optimised for material and product flow while enhancing employee safety.”

IMI Remosa Opens New 16,000m2 Engineering and Manufacturing Facility in Sardinia

Alongside a solar energy plant, the factory also houses a full-time team dedicated to developing and testing solutions for global hydrogen generator projects. The facility is set to play a key role in the company’s research and production of green solutions, with the growing hydrogen market representing a major focus for IMI Critical both now and into the future.

“We know hydrogen is going to be one of the key solutions for a better and greener world as it further integrates into our travel, heating and energy storage infrastructure,” Mr. Hu concludes. “There are still pronounced practical, logistical and technical barriers to overcome to facilitate large-scale adoption of hydrogen technologies, but it is vital that neither we nor the sector at large stands still.

“If we are to hit net-zero targets and ensure hydrogen makes up 15% of the global energy mix by 2050 – as outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement – factories such as these will have a huge part to play. We’re thrilled to have opened our new Sardinian facility and are extremely confident that it will allow us to further develop IMI Critical’s specialist engineering skills and help our customers realise exciting opportunities presented by green technologies.”

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